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Welcome to ISMAR 2013!

MARart4: Transreal Topologies Exhibition

Call for works.

MARart4: Transreal Topologies


@ISMAR2013, Adelaide, South Australia

30th September-October 5th


Julian Stadon

International Advisory Board

Sean Cubitt, Paul Sermon, Troy Innocent, Vicky Sowry, Marc Garrett, Paul Thomas, Julian Stadon, Wim van Eck, Kate Richards, Nina Czegledy, Mike Phillips



“Time travel is memory, flight is enlightenment, alternate worlds symbolize the great variety of individual world-views, and telepathy stands for the ability to communicate fully. This is the “Trans” aspect. The “realism” aspect has to do with the fact that a valid work of art should deal with the world the way it actually is. Transrealism tries to treat not only immediate reality, but also the higher reality in which life is embedded.” Rudy Rucker, A Transrealist Manifesto (1983).


The study of surfaces is a branch of mathematics concerned with spatial properties preserved under bicontinuous deformation (stretching without tearing or gluing); these properties are the topological invariants.


On behalf of the organising committee for The International Symposium on Mixed and Augmented Reality 2013, I would like to invite artists to submit works for the exhibition MARart4: Transreal Topologies, to be held as part the conference program.


MARart4: Transreal Topologies is part of a Mixed and Augmented Reality Art (MARart) scoping study initiative that will launch at ISEA2013. The exhibition will explore what mixed and augmented reality art is and present a range of examples of how artists are developing the field away through their contributions to the development of a unique language for MARart as both a medium and area of inquiry.

We seek artists whose work challenges the boundaries of augmented and mixed reality environments as platforms for discourse, in a way that progresses beyond the novel technological aspects to its related mediums.

There will be a total of ten exhibiting artists, with 10 funded artists and 5 self-funded artists


Artists are encouraged to submit work that engages with notions of mixed and augmented reality in a range of mediums, not limited to traditional marker based or mobile applications. Works will be selected, based on the quality and innovation, of both medium and concept by an international selection committee.


Transvision Residency. As part of this exhibition artists will be able to apply to be selected to work with The Wearable Computer Lab or the Magic Vision Lab at the University of South Australia for a period to develop a work using a new head mounted display technology.  Artists are asked to indicate their interest in being chosen for the residency in their applications. Applicants are also encouraged to stipulate a time frame that address how much time they seek at the laboratory and how they will continue development of the project through to exhibition. The period for residencies will be from September 1st – September 30th 2013. There will be 2 funded and 2 self-funded local residencies available.


Funded artists will receive a fee of $1500 and the chosen residency artists will have accommodation support for the residency period. Artists are encouraged to seek further financial support and we will assist with this as much as possible.


To submit please send  

  • 200 word abstract for the work,
  • Detailed technical diagram of the work,
  • Equipment list (including what you will supply and what you would require)
  • Documentation media, preferably in the form of links to images and video
  • 200 word bio and any other support material


Submissions can be sent to by July 14, 2013


This exhibition will run as part of ISMAR and is part of the inaugural MARart scoping series, also at ISEA this year. Artists are encouraged to also participate in both conferences.


Submission deadline is July 14



Best wishes,

Julian Stadon

Ba Art (Hons) MEA Electronic Art PhD Candidate

Curator/Exhibition Chair, ISMAR2013, Adelaide

Director, MARart