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The Aesthetics of Augmented Reality II


Session TitleRoomStartEnd
Aesthetics PanelH2-02 Hetzel Lecture TheatreThursday 03 Oct, 2013 03:30 PM05:00 PM
Maria Engberg
Julian Stadon
Jay David Bolter
Sandy Walker
This panel continues the discussion begun last year concerning the aesthetics of AR as a medium for art and design. As a branch of philosophy and art theory, aesthetics dates back to the eighteenth century. Traditionally, it embraces questions of the nature of art and our experience of the beautiful and the sublime. In the past decade, interface and interaction designers have begun to examine the aesthetics of digital media and artifacts, and they have expanded the definition to include the whole range of emotional reactions. Because AR is a relatively new platform for digital experiences, it is appropriate to ask whether art and design for the AR platform shares the same aesthetic qualities as other digital media. Are there special qualities of AR that give it a special aesthetic dimension? Do we want to extend the definition of aesthetics even further to consider the way that AR changes our perception of the world as a combination of physical experience and overlaid digital information? The panelists will address such questions and invite the audience to participate in the discussion.