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Welcome to ISMAR 2012!


Important Deadlines

August 10, 23:59 US Pacific Time: Demonstrations and Art Exhibit submission deadline


ISMAR 2012 will provide exhibition space for demonstrations of MR/AR to the community. These demonstrations can take the shape of live, interactive demos, lab/corporate exhibitions, interactive art exploration, or combination of these. The live demonstrations may be related to implementations of techniques presented in the papers, posters or panels, as well as systems not yet presented elsewhere.

We encourage a diverse range of submissions and demonstrations from both Science & Technology and Arts, Media, & Humanities tracks. The main selection criteria will be the expected general interest of the demonstration to the Mixed and Augmented Reality community. Note that demonstrations are not archived as an ISMAR publication.

Submission guidelines

To submit a proposal for a demo, please send email to with a PDF document containing:

  1. The title of the proposed demonstration
  2. The names of the authors
  3. The name, telephone number and email address of the contact person
  4. A description of your demo including:
    • What makes it unique and special
    • Why will it draw a crowd?
    • Would an AR expert want to see it and why?
    • Keywords
  5. Information about the demonstration space:
    • The amount of floor or desktop space needed (length, width, height in meters)
    • The list of equipment you will bring (be as detailed as you can be)
    • Any power, socket and outlet needs
    • Networking requirements (ethernet, wifi, non-HTTP)
    • Any environment requirements (Does this demonstration require a dark environment? Does it produce or is sensitive to a large amount of noise or light? Etc.)
  6. Optional: URL of your demo video (Video in QuickTime, MPEG, or Windows Media Viewer not to exceed 50MB is recommended. Please do NOT send your video by email.)

After sending email, you should get a notification that your email has been received.