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Welcome to ISMAR 2012!

Tracking Competition


The aim of the ISMAR Tracking-Competition is to provide a fair comparison of the state-of-the-art tracking modalities in the context of typical Mixed or Augmented Reality scenarios.

The chosen scenario for this year is the general manufacturing scenario in which a worker not only has to pick a list of items and but also to put them to appropriate positions on another item. The identity of these objects and their goal positions are only given by their respective 3D coordinates in the manufacturing area. The worker are required to determine the exact object to pick from a variety of similar or even visually indistinguishable objects. To correctly pick the right objects and assemble them together, the worker has to be guided by visually overlaying the current and desired locations of the object onto the worker's view. As the items are distributed over a large manufacturing facility, both local and global tracking methods are needed. For effective comparisons, various levels of difficulties will be evaluated.

There are no restrictions on the type of tracking equipment used, and the competition is open to both academic and commercial participants. Participants are required to bring their own hardware and must supply their own software for the visualization. This visualization however does not need to be highly sophisticated, such that a talented undergraduate student could probably write an appropriate visualization in a short time, provided the hardware, the tracking system and registration tools are available.


The tracking competition takes place during the main conference. More details about the schedule will be made available after the registration deadline.


In order to register for the tracking competition, participating teams have to submit a one-page summary of their approach. The summary should cover the following topics:

  • What tracking technology will be used
  • What installations or modifications are required to setup the tracking system
  • A short description of the mobile setup
  • Contact details
The deadline for proposals is August 15th, 2012. Please send the summaries to


Detailed rules will be announced after the registration deadline.


The results of the competition will furthermore be presented at the end of the main conference.