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Welcome to ISMAR 2012!

Accepted Papers & Posters

S&T Papers

  • Reconstruction and SLAM

    • Wide-Area Scene Mapping for Mobile Visual Tracking
      Jonathan Ventura, Tobias Höllerer
    • Live Tracking and Mapping from Both General and Rotation-Only Camera Motion
      Steffen Gauglitz, Chris Sweeney, Jonathan Ventura, Matthew Turk, Tobias Höllerer
    • Kinectrack: Agile 6-DoF Tracking Using a Projected Dot Pattern
      Paul McIlroy, Shahram Izadi, Andrew Fitzgibbon
    • Dense Multibody Motion Estimation and Reconstruction from a Handheld Camera
      Anastasios Roussos, Chris Russel, Ravi Garg, Lourdes Agapito
    • Distributed Visual Processing for Augmented Reality
      Winston Yii, Wai Ho Li, Tom Drummond

  • Tracking

    • LDB: An Ultra-Fast Feature for Scalable Augmented Reality on Mobile Devices
      Xin Yang, Kwang-Ting (Tim) Cheng
    • VRCodes: Unobtrusive and Active Visual Codes for Interaction by Exploiting Rolling Shutter
      Grace Woo, Andy Lippman, Ramesh Raskar
    • Representative Feature Descriptor Sets for Robust Handheld Camera Localization
      Daniel Kurz, Thomas Olszamowski, Selim Benhimane
    • Multi-Sensor Navigation Algorithm Using Monocular Camera, IMU and GPS for Large Scale Augmented Reality
      Taragay Oskiper, Supun Samarasekera, Rakesh Kumar
    • Optical Outside-In Tracking using Unmodified Mobile Phones
      Daniel Pustka, Jan-Patrick Hülß, Jochen Willneff, Frieder Pankratz, Manuel Huber, Gudrun Klinker

  • Illumination

    • Real-Time Surface Light-field Capture for Augmentation of Planar Specular Surfaces
      Jan Jachnik, Richard A. Newcombe, Andrew J. Davison
    • High-Quality Reflections, Refractions, and Caustics in Augmented Reality and their Contribution to Visual Coherence
      P. Kán, H. Kaufmann
    • Instant Indirect Illumination for Dynamic Mixed Reality Scenes
      Philipp Lensing, Wolfgang Broll
    • Real-time Photometric Registration from Arbitrary Geometry
      Lukas Gruber, Thomas Richter-Trummer, Dieter Schmalstieg

  • Rendering

    • Reduction of contradictory occlusion in Mixed Reality by using characteristics of transparency perception
      Taiki Fukiage, Takeshi Oishi, Katsushi Ikeuchi
    • PixMix: A Real-Time Approach to High-Quality Diminished Reality
      Jan Herling, Wolfgang Broll
    • A Non-Photorealistic Rendering Framework with Temporal Coherence for Augmented Reality
      Jiajian Chen, Greg Turk, Blair MacIntyre

  • Visualization

    • Subtle Cueing for Visual Search in Augmented Reality
      Weiquan Lu, Been-Lirn Henry Duh, Steven Feiner
    • Interactive 4D Overview and Detail Visualization in Augmented Reality
      Stefanie Zollmann, Denis Kalkofen, Christof Hoppe, Stefan Kluckner, Horst Bischof, Gerhard Reitmayr
    • Image-Driven View Management for Augmented Reality Browsers
      Raphaël Grasset, Tobias Langlotz, Denis Kalkofen, Markus Tatzgern, Dieter Schmalstieg

  • Interaction

    • Tablet versus Phone: Depth Perception in Handheld Augmented Reality
      Arindam Dey, Graeme Jarvis, Christian Sandor, Gerhard Reitmayr
    • A Hand-Held AR Magic Lens with User-Perspective Rendering
      Domagoj Baričević, Cha Lee, Matthew Turk, Tobias Höllerer, Doug A. Bowman
    • 3D Referencing Techniques for Physical Objects in Shared Augmented Reality
      Ohan Oda, Steven Feiner
    • Quick Viewpoint Switching for Manipulating Virtual Objects in Hand-Held Augmented Reality using Stored Snapshots
      Mengu Sukan, Steven Feiner, Barbara Tversky, Semih Energin

  • Applications

    • Using Children’s Developmental Psychology to Guide Augmented-Reality Usability & Design
      Iulian Radu, Blair MacIntyre
    • Learning Task Structure from Video Examples for Workflow Tracking and Authoring
      Nils Petersen, Didier Stricker
    • Mobile Augmented Reality for Cultural Heritage: A Technology Acceptance Study
      Anne-Cecilie Haugstvedt, John Krogstie
    • Augmented Reality during Angiography: Integration of a Virtual Mirror for Improved 2D/3D Visualization
      Jian Wang, Pascal Fallavollita, Lejing Wang, Matthias Kreiser, and Nassir Navab

    AMH Papers

  • AR Art/Theory/Embodiment

    • A Framework for Debating Augmented Futures: Classifying the Visions, Promises and Ideographs Advanced About Augmented Reality
      Tony Liao
    • Improving the Embodiment Relations by means of Phenomenological Analysis on the “Reality” of ARs
      Nicola Liberati
    • Body Topography: Simulating Human Form
      Oksana Kryzhanivska, Jeffrey E. Boyd
    • Interactions and Systems for Augmenting a Live Dance Performance
      Alexis Clay, Nadine Couture, Laurence Nigay, Jean-Baptiste de la Rivière, Jean-Claude Martin, Matthieu Courgeon, Myriam Desainte-Catherine, Emmanuel Orvain, Vincent Girondel, Gaël Domenger
  • Education and Tourism

    • iFiction: Mobile technology, new media, mixed reality and literary creativity in English Teaching
      Winyu Chinthammit, Angela Thomas
    • Co-Creativity Fusions in Interdisciplinary Augmented Reality Game Developments
      Raymond Koon Chuan Koh, Henry Been-Lirn Duh, Cheng-Ho Chen, Yun-Ting Wong
    • CityViewAR: A Mobile Outdoor AR Application for City Visualization
      Gun A. Lee, Andreas Dünser, Seungwon Kim, Mark Billinghurst
  • AR in Museum and Theater

    • The Augmented Painting: Playful Interaction with Multi-Spectral Images
      Wim van Eck, Yolande Kolstee
    • Tailoring the Adaptive Augmented Reality (A2R) Museum Visit: Identifying Cultural Heritage Professionals' Motivations and Needs
      Areti Damala, Nenad Stojanovic
    • Exploring Interactivity and Augmented Reality in Theater: A Case Study of Half Real
      Michael R. Marner, Sam Haren, Matthew Gardiner, Bruce H. Thomas

    S&T Posters

    • Lighty: A Painting Interface for Room Illumination by Robotic Light Array
      Seung-tak Noh, Sunao Hashimoto, Daiki Yamanaka, Youichi Kamiyama, Masahiko Inami, Takeo Igarashi
    • Depth Perception Control by Hiding Displayed Images Based on Car Vibration for Monocular Head-up Display
      Tsuyoshi Tasaki, Akihisa Moriya, Aira Hotta, Takashi Sasaki, Haruhiko Okumura
    • Generation of Virtual Display Surfaces for In-vehicle Contextual Augmented Reality
      Srinath Sridhar, Victor Ng-Thow-Hing
    • BurnAR: Feel the Heat
      Peter Weir, Christian Sandor, Matt Swoboda, Thanh Nguyen, Ulrich Eck, Gerhard Reitmayr, Arindam Dey
    • Fractal Marker Fields: No More Scale Limitations for Fiduciary Markers
      Adam Herout, Michal Zachariáš, Markéta Dubská, Jiří Havel
    • Uniform Marker Fields: Camera Localization By Orientable De Bruijn Tori
      István Szentandrási, Michal Zachariáš, Jiří Havel, Adam Herout, Markéta Dubská, Rudolf Kajan
    • SLAM Using Both Points and Planes for Hand-Held 3D Sensors
      Yuichi Taguchi, Yong-Dian Jian, Srikumar Ramalingam, Chen Feng
    • Alice’s Adventures in an Immersive Mixed Reality Environment
      Marija Nakevska, Jun Hu, Geert Langereis, Matthias Rauterberg
    • AR Marker Hiding Based on Image Inpainting and Reflection of Illumination Changes
      Norihiko Kawai, Masayoshi Yamasaki, Tomokazu Sato, Naokazu Yokoya
    • Relationship between Features of Augmented Reality and User Memorization
      Yuichiro Fujimoto, Goshiro Yamamoto, Takafumi Taketomi, Jun Miyazaki, Hirokazu Kato
    • A GPGPU Accelerated Descriptor for Mobile Devices
      Robert Hofmann, Hartmut Seichter, Gerhard Reitmayr
    • Occlusion Capable Optical See-through Head-Mounted Display Using Freeform Optics
      Chunyu Gao, Yuxiang Lin, Hong Hua
    • Texture-Less Planar Object Detection and Pose Estimation Using Depth-Assisted Rectification of Contours
      João Paulo Lima, Hideaki Uchiyama, Veronica Teichrieb, Eric Marchand
    • Touch-n-Paste: Direct Texture Transfer Interaction in AR Environments
      Atsushi Umakatsu, Tomohiro Mashita, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Haruo Takemura
    • Hybrid Virtual-Physical Entities
      Joon Hao Chuah, Benjamin Lok
    • Distance-Based Modeling and Manipulation Techniques Using Ultrasonic Gloves
      Thuong N. Hoang, Bruce H. Thomas
    • Augmented Prototyping of 3D Rigid Curved Surfaces
      Marina Atsumi Oikawa, Igor de Souza Almeida, Takafumi Taketomi, Goshiro Yamamoto, Jun Miyazaki, Hirokazu Kato
    • Digital Map Based Pose Improvement for Outdoor Augmented Reality
      Joonsuk Park, Donghyun Lee, Jun Park
    • A General Approach for Closed-Loop Registration in AR
      Feng Zheng, Ryan Schubert, Greg Welch
    • SLAM Using Both Points and Planes for Hand-Held 3D Sensors
      Yuichi Taguchi, Yong-Dian Jian, Srikumar Ramalingam, Chen Feng
    • Integrating 3D Object Detection, Modelling and Tracking on a Mobile Phone
      Pished Bunnun, Dima Damen, Andrew Calway, Walterio Mayol-Cuevas
    • Effect of Eye and Body Movement on Augmented Reality in the Manufacturing Domain
      John Sausman, Alexei Samoylov, Susan Harkness Regli, Meredith Hopps
    • Supervised Classification for Customized Intraoperative Augmented Reality Visualization
      Olivier Pauly, Amin Katouzian, Abouzar Eslami, Pascal Fallavollita, Nassir Navab
    • ClonAR: Rapid Redesign of Real-World Objects
      Michael Csongei, Liem Hoang, Ulrich Eck, Christian Sandor
    • Toward a Practical Wall See-Through System for Drivers: How Simple Can It Be?
      Hiroshi Yasuda, Yoshihiro Ohama
    • Using Mixed Reality to Map Human Exercise Demonstrations to a Robot Exercise Coach
      Ayanna M. Howard, Luke Roberts, Sergio Garcia, Rakale Quarells
    • Superman-like X-ray Vision: Towards Brain-Computer Interfaces for Medical Augmented Reality
      Tobias Blum, Ralf Stauder, Ekkehard Euler, Nassir Navab
    • Subjective Evaluations on Perceptual Depth of Stereo Image and Effective Field of View of a Wide-View Head Mounted Projective Display with a Semi-Transparent Retro-Reflective Screen
      Duc Nguyen Van, Tomohiro Mashita, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Haruo Takemura
    • Interface Design for an Inexpensive Hands-Free Collaborative Videoconferencing System
      Nicolas H. Lehment, Katharina Erhardt, Gerhard Rigoll
    • An Interactive Augmented Reality System: a Prototype for Industrial Maintenance Training Applications
      Bassem Besbes, Sylvie Naudet Collette, Mohamed Tamaazousti, Steve Bourgeois, Vincent Gay-Bellile
    • Development of a Ubiquitous Learning System for Dexterous Hand Operation
      Kazutaka Mitobe, Masahiro Tomioka, Masachika Saito, Masafumi Suzuki
    • A Waist-Mounted ProCam System for Remote Collaboration
      Shigeki Morishima, Tomohiro Mashita, Kiyoshi Kiyokawa, Haruo Takemura
    • Making Pretense Visible and Graspable: An Augmented Reality Approach to Promote Pretend Play
      Zhen Bai, Alan F. Blackwell, George Coulouris
    • Recreating the Parallax Effect Associated with Fishtank VR in a Real-Time Telepresence System Using Head-Tracking and a Robotic Camera
      Christian Heinrichs, Andrew McPherson
    • Why Should My Students Use AR? A Comparative Review of the Educational Impacts of Augmented-Reality
      Iulian Radu

    AMH Posters

    • Willing to be fooled: Security and Autoamputation in Augmented Reality
      Bo Brinkman
    • Aspects of What Makes or Breaks a Museum AR Experience
      C. B. Madsen, J. B. Madsen, A. Morrison
    • GeoBoids: A Mobile AR Application for Exergaming
      Robert W. Lindeman, Gun Lee, Leigh Beattie, Hannes Gamper, Rahul Pathinarupothi, Aswin Akhilesh
    • An Interactive Augmented Reality System for Exposure Treatment
      Sam Corbett-Davies, Andreas Dünser, Adrian Clark
    • When AR Meets Food: A Structural Overview of the Research Space on Multi-facets of Food
      Jun Wei, Shengdong Zhao, Ryohei Nakatsu, Henry B.L. Duh
    • AR UX Design: Applying AEIOU to Handheld Augmented Reality Browser
      Mandi Jieying Lee, Yuan Wang, Henry Been-Lirn Duh
    • Augmented Reverse-Origami: from 3D Model to Square Paper
      Simona Maria Banu
    • Plants and Zombies: Two Use Cases for On-Location Panorama Viewing in Handheld Mobile AR
      Isaac Kulka, Blair MacIntyre, Maribeth Gandy, Jay David Bolter
    • Design Requirements for using Embodied Learning and Whole-Body Metaphors in a Mixed Reality Simulation Game
      Remo Pillat, Arjun Nagendran, Robb Lindgren